Friday, June 12, 2015

Paul & Iris I Wedding

"I have found the ONE whom my soul loves..." #PaulReese061115

Paul & Iris Wedding On-Site Photo Slideshow
Preparation: Bellveu Hotel
Ceremony/Reception: Fernwood Gardens
Photo: Herbert Bartolome Photography
Video: Jason Magbanua
On-site Photo Slideshow: HG Cinema

Paul & Iris were first introduced through facebook back in June 2012. After a few months of social media stalkings, they had their first call, followed by numerous Facebook and viber messages and they got to know each other more. On June 13, Iris moved to Texas while Paul stayed in San Diego which brought them 1,302 miles closer. A couple months later, she visited San Diego and they finally met at Paul's promotion party. His 1st thought: "She's shy but found her pretty cute". Her 1st thought: "He's a snob and too serious but can't resist those dimples." 1st date was at sea world followed by Disneyland. They quickly found the chemistry and fell in love with each other. He loved the way she made him laugh, she loved the way he took care of her. 1st he said, she said: Paul: I Like you. Iris: I'm shy. 2nd he said, she said: Paul: I love you. Iris: Thank You. They made it work, countless call, viber, twitter and frequent flier miles brought them together. The day finally came, on New Year's Day Cruise in Galveston, Texas. Paul asked Iris to be his forever - best friend, is it a yes, no or maybe? And between giggles she finally said "YES!"

Paul and IrisOnsite Photo SlideshowJune 11, 2015The Bellevue ManilaFernbrook GardensPhotos by: Herbert Bartolome Photography
Posted by HG Cinema on Friday, 12 June 2015